Plastic Reduction

Plastic poses a multifaceted environmental challenge, contributing to pollution in our air, water, and soil. Its production and usage exacerbate climate change as it is derived from fossil fuels, leading to intensive energy consumption throughout its lifecycle. Beyond extraction, fossil fuels are utilized in transportation, refining, manufacturing, distribution, consumption, and disposal processes.

Moreover, plastic presents significant health risks as we ingest and inhale both the plastic material and its associated harmful chemicals. Plastic not only endangers human health but also disrupts ecosystems, threatening the well-being of various species and their habitats.

Furthermore, the inequitable distribution of plastic's impacts exacerbates social injustices. Marginalized communities often bear the brunt of living near plastic production, transportation, and disposal sites. Thus, addressing the plastic problem is not only an environmental imperative but also a matter of climate justice and public health.

Click on the links below to access documents that I have created with resources on the following topics. Check back often, this document will be updated with new resources. Please feel free to share with others!

Learn More About the Plastic Problem - In order to reduce plastic we all need to know why this is important. This document includes links to films, presentations, podcasts, books, other organizations with resources to plastic reduction education and action.

Contact Your Legislators - Individuals can reduce their use of single-use plastic, but it can be particularly challenging due to limited alternatives available. We need legislation to lay the groundwork to make it easy for everyone to reduce single use plastic.  This document outlines proposed State of Illinois and Federal legislation to support single-use plastic reduction and ways you can reach out to your legislators to let them know you want legislation passed to address single-use plastic.

Reduce the Amount of Single-Use Plastic That You Use - Although it's challenging to completely avoid single-use plastic, there are steps you can take now to reduce your usage. Some of these actions may even save you money and inspire others when they see your efforts!